• "We handle the logistics of clinical trials so physicians can focus on patient care."

    ~ CEO Niraj Patel

    Why PRiSMS?

    PRiSMS (Premier Research Investigation Site Management Strategy) Group offers clinical trials consulting and management to hospitals and its investigators for pharmaceutical and NIH trials in multiple disease sites. PRiSMS Group delivers sites with the resources and expertise to deliver high quality clinical trial data, meet and exceed enrollment projections with a rapid timeline and achieve positive financial outcomes.


    We offer service packages including: optimal site setup, trial staffing, securing new studies, feasibility analyses, patient recruitment, data management, regulatory compliance, audit readiness, integration of submission and financial operations data.


    Increasing costs, growing complexity and longer timelines are some of the most difficult clinical research challenges faced today by community health systems and its physicians. Working with PRiSMS Group brings you the expertise and resources to meet both clinical and business needs of the investigators as well as study sponsors by providing the services below.


    • Deployment of our Ease-Of-Use model for trial management and gap analysis
    • Access to professional trial management staff
    • Commission Accreditation assistance (COC, CCC, Joint Commission) 
    • Strategies for the efficient integration of clinical research into the healthcare workflow
    • Access to cutting-edge treatment options and Sponsor trials
    • Additional sources of physician referral, academic breadth, and marketing
    • Current study protocol, recruitment and financial expertise
    • Options to diversified revenue source


    • Exclusive multi-site network and PI access
    • Rapid study start-up model (2-8 weeks depending on the study)
    • QC data delivery
    • Thorough database of site profile
    • Ease of study start-up of prequalified sites
    • Comprehensive, on-going programs including project management, financial management, education and training
    • Network-wide patient matching database access
    • On-site professional staffing for optimal study success


    • Investigators and sites selection based on clinical expertise and ability to perform within ICH Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and FDA CFR guidelines
    • Strong internal audit process, ensuring high quality data
    • High data integrity oversight for repeat site selection 
    • Ease of burden on Investigator staff


    • Collaboration of Physician Investigators and Pharmaceutical Sponsors
    • Standardized budget process
    • Provide leverage and faster execution of contract negotiations
    • Cost Management
    • Timely execution and effective trial management brings cost savings to our clients
    • Decrease operating costs to manage research activities at the site level
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  • Mission.

    To help better the patient-care and implementation of clinical trials by being a leader in the application of new innovative clinical research practices, diagnostics and advances in precision medicine.

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