• Deployment of our Ease-Of-Use model for trial management using proprietary technology
    • Access to professional trial management staff
    • Commission Accreditation assistance (COC, CCC, Joint Commission) 
    • Strategies for the efficient integration of clinical research into the healthcare workflow
    • Access to cutting-edge treatment options and Sponsor trials
    • Additional source of physician referral, academic breadth, and marketing
    • Current study protocol, recruitment and financial expertise
    • Options to diversified revenue source


    • Exclusive access to multi-site network and Investigators
    • Rapid study start-up model 
    • Accurate and timely data delivery
    • High patient accrual rate
    • Strealined study start-up of prequalified sites
    • Comprehensive integration of clinical trial technology tools
    • Network-wide patient matching database access
    • On-site professional staffing for optimal study success


    • Collaboration of Physician Investigators and Pharmaceutical Sponsors
    • Standardized budget process
    • Provide leverage and execution of favorable revenue fees
    • Trial patient billing management
    • Timely execution and effective trial management brings cost savings to our clients
    • Decrease operating costs to manage research activities at the site level


    • Investigators and sites selection based on clinical expertise and ability to perform within ICH Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and FDA CFR guidelines
    • Strong internal audit process, ensuring high quality data
    • High data integrity oversight for repeat site selection 
    • Ease of burden on Investigator staff