• "We streamline clinical trial logistics, empowering physicians to prioritize patient care."

    Introducing PRiSMS (Premier Research Investigation Site Management Service): Elevating Clinical Trials Excellence


    At PRiSMS, we redefine the landscape of clinical trials consulting and management services, exclusively tailored for hospital systems and their esteemed investigators. Our comprehensive suite of offerings ensures unparalleled support for achieving high-quality clinical trial data, surpassing enrollment projections with rapid timelines, and securing positive financial outcomes. Embrace success with PRiSMS, where excellence meets innovation:

    • Rapid Trial Site Startup:Experience swift initiation for your trials, minimizing delays and accelerating the path to success.
    • On-Site Research Staff:Access a dedicated team of on-site research professionals, ensuring optimal trial management and execution.
    • CIRB (Central IRB) Utilization:Streamline the ethics review process through our efficient Central IRB utilization, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
    • Facility and Equipment Access:Unlock premier facilities and cutting-edge equipment to bolster your research capabilities.
    • Patient Recruitment and Referrals:Leverage our extensive network for enhanced patient recruitment and referrals, surpassing enrollment targets.
    • Data Management:Ensure the integrity and accuracy of your data with our advanced data management solutions.
    • Regulatory Compliance:Navigate the complex regulatory landscape seamlessly with our expert guidance, ensuring compliance at every step.
    • Audit Readiness and Remote Monitoring:Stay audit-ready with our meticulous preparation and embrace the efficiency of remote monitoring.
    • Integration of Clinical Trial Technology into Workflow:Harness the power of technology seamlessly integrated into your workflow for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

    In a landscape marked by increasing costs, growing complexity, and extended timelines, PRiSMS Group stands as your strategic ally, addressing the most challenging aspects of clinical research faced by community health systems and physicians. Elevate your trials with PRiSMS, where expertise meets innovation, aligning clinical and business needs for investigators and study sponsors alike.