• "We handle the logistics of clinical trials so physicians can focus on patient care."

    Why PRiSMS?

    PRiSMS (Premier Research Investigation Site Management Service) offers full scope of clinical trials consulting and management services to hospital systems and its investigators. PRiSMS delivers site network with the resources and expertise to deliver high quality clinical trial data, meet and exceed enrollment projections with a rapid timeline and achieve positive financial outcomes. We offer:


    • rapid trial site startup 
    • on-site research staff 
    • CIRB (Central IRB) utilization
    • facility and equipment access
    • patient recruitment and referrals
    • data management
    • regulatory compliance
    • audit readiness and remote monitoring
    • integration of clinical trial technology into workflow

    Increasing costs, growing complexity and longer timelines are some of the most difficult clinical research challenges faced today by community health systems and its physicians. Working with PRiSMS Group brings you the expertise and resources to meet both clinical and business needs of the investigators as well as study sponsors by providing the services below.